Subject: Decrease Your Odds of Hypertension | 85018 Endodontist

You may be unaware of how your oral health can be an indicator of your overall health. The warning signs of systemic health conditions,  such as diabetes and heart disease, can often be found during a routine examination at our dental office. You may be surprised to find out that hypertension (high blood pressure) may also be […]

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Blog: Chew on This: Foods for Healthy Teeth | Endodontist Near Me

No time to brush or floss your teeth? When brushing or flossing isn’t convenient, you can still keep your mouth feeling fresh by eating certain foods. When you’re on the go or in a hurry, try grabbing one of these foods to munch on to help fight plaque and keep your teeth healthy.   Cheese provides […]

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Unexpected Ways to Use Toothpaste | Endodontist 85018

Toothpaste does a great job of cleaning teeth, but there are many other uses for toothpaste that you might not expect. The same ingredients that help polish our teeth can also soothe some common ailments, make items sparkle, and get rid of stains and pungent smells. Read these tricks on how toothpaste can do much […]

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Root Canals Without Fear | Endodontist Arcadia Phoenix

According to the American Association of Endodontics (AAE), there are popular misconceptions people may have regarding root canal therapy. Unfortunately, these patients may make decisions about their health care based on this incomplete or inaccurate information. Below are some common myths that you may have heard about root canal treatment.  Myth 1: Root canal treatment is painful.  In […]

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Do You Brush Your Teeth Too Much? | Endodontist Arcadia

Brushing your teeth is a vital step in maintaining good oral health. However, is there such a thing as over-brushing?  The American Dental Association recommends you brush your teeth for 2 minutes,  twice a day. People sometimes brush after every meal, or brush midday to freshen up. Although this is not always a bad thing, […]

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